Polish Stoneware, Wood Watches, and Flower Jewelry

Tense Wood Watches    Flower Jewelry  

Tense Wood Watches are unique wooden watches that are handcrafted by a family in Vancouver, Canada. Tense Enterprises has been making these watches for 40 years, and have the craft down to an art! The wood watches are crafted from natural sandalwood, which is hypoallergenic and very lightweight on your skin. These hypoallergenic watches make great Anniversary Gifts, particularly fifth Anniversary Gifts (which are traditionally made from wood), or Corporate gifts! All watches are adjustable, come with a 2 year warranty, and are packaged in a beautiful gift box. We offer customers the opportunity to customize their own wood watch face to their exact specifications! In addition, we are wholesale representatives of Tense, and sell wholesale wood watches to qualifying retailers.

Our flower jewelry is carefully handcrafted from natural flowers. These natural flowers are preserved in an acrylic base, and then set in .925 Sterling Silver. You can browse our Forget-Me-Not jewelry and wildflower jewelry collection to find the earrings or pendant that are a perfect match!  This wholesale natural flower jewelry line comes on an attractive display, and the jewelry display cards can be name-dropped and customized for your business or location.

North Star Treasures is a quality retail store specializing in Tense Wooden Watches and Natural Flower Jewelry.
A wood watch makes a great birthday gift, customized corporate gift, wood fifth anniversary gift, and other wood wedding anniversary gifts.
We are wholesale sales representatives of Tense Wood Watches and Natural Flower Jewelry. Please contact us for more information.